Facts for Teachers


We understand that education reforms, large class sizes and increased workload makes it extremely challenging for you, as teachers, to enrich learning significantly beyond the curriculum. Meanwhile, even the youngest students are under constant pressure to make decisions that will ultimately impact their personal wellbeing and academic success.

Facts for Life was established to ease the burden on you and your students.  Our programmes directly enrich the Science (Biology) and PSHCE curricula. With elements of discussion, debate and presentation featuring strongly in our modules, we also support English, RE, D&T and Art. Our ethos ‘explore, understand, decide‘ will inspire your students to make informed life decisions, and understand the viewpoints of those around them.

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All Facts for Life programmes are tailored to the unique requirements of you and your students.  We base our ‘total flexibility’ commitment on the following criteria:

Age:  Our core modules have been designed with Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 in mind; however some sessions can be adapted to suit KS5 or even Further Education studies.

Ability:  There is something for everyone in our engaging and interactive sessions.  Our core modules are designed for groups of mixed abilities, and we are happy to accommodate those with special educational needs. High achieving groups will benefit from those sessions that can be tailored to challenge and stimulate with more complex scientific concepts and data.

Class size:  We find that single classes or small groups foster the best environment for open and honest discussion during our sessions.

Timetable:  We are happy to work within your existing timetable.  The Health Awareness and Bioethics sessions can be accommodated within 30-60 minutes, whereas the Hands-on Workshops require up to a full day, with the agenda structured in line with your prescheduled breaks.

Budget:  After we have met with you to discuss your requirements, we will issue you with a detailed quote covering course development, delivery, consumables and any out-of-area travel expenses.  You will find our costings transparent and competitive.

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All our sessions require a classroom or laboratory with a PC-linked projector screen.  The majority of equipment and consumables are supplied by Facts for Life, but there may be programme-specific items that we wish you to provide.

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Simply contact us!  Facts for Life provides a free, no-obligation consultation to focus on and understand your specific requirements and challenges. A programme overview and follow-up discussion ensures your expectations are fully met. At this stage, we will provide you with a detailed quote. Implementation of the programme is by a Facts for Life facilitator, and we seek feedback from students and teachers to ensure that we continually develop our programmes in response to your opinions and suggestions.

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Facts for Life is based in south Cheshire, which allows us to support schools and colleges in Cheshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Greater Manchester.  Please feel free to contact us even if you are based outwith these areas.

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All Facts for Life facilitators have DSB certificates, which are available on request.

Facts for Life hold Public Liability insurance certification which is available on request.

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